Kartbahn Racing

Kartbahn Racing is a place which attracts the tourist who has interest of fast racing. Kartbahn Racing Inc is Atlantic Canada's premier indoor karting destination. It is a place of 20,000 sq. ft. of space and a 1/8-mile track and there's plenty of room.Seminars are organized to direct the visitors how to race fast and straight. Read More

HMCS Sackville (K181)

HMCS Sackville is a museum ship located in Halifax, Nova Scotia and the Canada’s naval memorial operated by Canadian Naval Memorial Trust (CNMT). It is a Flower-class corvette that served in the Royal Canadian Navy and later served as a civilian research ship. Read More

Citadel National Historic Site

Citadel National Historic Site the harbor and it offers amazing views of the city to its visitors. The view from there shows the astonishing architecture of downtown between the hilltop and harbor; the harbor’s mouth of wooded islands; and the naval dockyard under the Angus L. Macdonald Bridge, which connects Halifax and Dartmouth.The granite walls topped by grassy embankments. The coffee bar serves typical 19th-centruy soldiers’ foods. Read More

The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic is the ancient and largest Maritime Museum in Canada. It’s also a centre of attractions for visitors in Halifax. It offers many floors and several permanent and rotating exhibits that showcase the marine history of Nova Scotia.It exhibits educational displays on the Canadian Navy’s history and ships, models of some of the greatest steamships and sailboats, and displays of artifacts from some of Nova Scotia’s greatest shipwrecks. The museum also has the best collection of wooden artifacts from the Titanic. Read More

Museum of Immigration at Pier 21

Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 is the national treasure of Canada in Halifax and is one of the seven wonders. The museum is the place of much historical, cultural and emotional significance.The museum is paying tribute to the “1.5 million immigrants, war brides, displaced people, evacuee children and Canadian military personnel who passed through Pier 21 between 1928 and 1971,” it tells the story of those who came to Canada for a better life. Read More