Halifax Metro Centre

The Metro Centre is a hub to junior hockey's Mooseheads and full to the rafters when the team is on ice. It is located on Brunswick Street in the heart of Downtown Halifax. The centre has 10,000 seating capacity that includes 11 Executive Suites, 20 Skyboxes and a VIP Lounge. One can experience different events here like championship figure skating and basketball. Concerts are also organized in Metro Centre throughout the year. Read More

Cathedral Church of all Saints

The beautiful gothic architecture of the Cathedral attracts tourists around the world. Its cornerstone was laid in 1908. It is a magnificent display of numerous stained glass windows, oak carvings of its pulpit, chancel, hand-made needlework on the kneelers and bishop's stall and other artifacts. Read More

Discovery Centre

Discovery Centre was opened in 1990. Discovery Centre promotes the science and technology and is the centre of attraction mostly for children and for the adults as well. One can experience different things inside the centre like, get inside a bubble, send your voice into space, subject yourself to optical illusions in the Ames Room and find out just how funny you look in the mirrors. Read More

Alderney Landing

Alderney Landing is the place of The World Peace Pavilion, an art gallery, a park and a theatre where many events and festivals are organized throughout the year. It is a place for business, arts and entertainment in Nova Scotia. Read More

Fisherman's Cove

Fisherman’s Coveis a village in Eastern Passage only 20 minutes from Downtown Halifax and is one of Nova Scotia's oldest and newest tourist places. Its residents still fish for lobster. Sounds of ocean and beautiful nature pictures inspire the visitors. Read More