Privacy Policy

Canada Pages takes your privacy seriously. We have put in place basic common sense practices in place to ensure that your information is protected.

Personal and Business Data

We collect your information, when you contact Canada Pages for a free listing, update a listing, paid advertising, or create a profile. The information we collect is used to process your order and to maintain or to modify your listing. All such information is protected and not sold to any third party. We might contact you from time to time to offer you products and services that we feel will enhance your advertising experience or will help you manage your business or professional services. But you can rest assured, that your information will not be shared where it has the potential to be misused.

The information listed on the Canada Pages is all publically available information. Our Privacy Policy is based on finding the right balance of publically available information and an individual's right to privacy. All we do is present the information already available online in a easy to search and navigate format.

Content Use

When you visit Canada Pages, you may be providing us some or all of the following information:

1 - Aggregate Data

2 - Anonymous Information

3 - Personally Identifiable Information you knowingly provide us

There are some instances as some are listed below where we might send your information to the concerned parties, including other companies, offices, or people:

(a) - Canada Pages need to share the information to provide you with the product or service you have requested.

(b) - Canada Pages believes, in good faith, that sharing your information is necessary to comply with a judicial proceeding, court order, or other legal process.

(c) - If Canada Pages finds that your actions violate our terms of use or our guidelines for specific products or services.

Disclaimers & Liability

While you are visiting our website, the information provides Canada Pages with valuable feedback which we use to improve both our site and our services. This allows us to inform our advertisers how many people saw or clicked on their ads and how many people saw or clicked on ads in different sections of our website. We also monitor theinformation so that we can produce aggregate reports for internal use - and for use by third parties, including Canada Pages advertisers, affiliates, or partners. Aggregate reports are mostly statistical and deal with information like people behavior and number of total visits and page views, but the reporting can also be about individual behavior. From time to time we may release information about aggregate user characteristics, but we do not include any personally identifiable information about you or your individual online usage patterns.

Remove your information

You can contact us by Email to update or remove your personal or business information.

We'll strive to remove your personal information within 3 business days.

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