Mount Sima

Mount Sima is mostly visited site in the Whitehorse that is famous for is an alpine skiing and snowboarding resort. Mount Sima is open approximately between December and April and can be visited by the enthusiast to enjoy activities presented by the Mount Sima site. Read More

Miles Canyon

Miles Canyon is beautiful historically place to visit that is a challenging locale for gold rush stampeders, with raging rapids slowing their journey. There are several trails in the Miles Canyon area that presents r popular hiking and mountain biking tour. Read More

Lake Laberge

Lake Laberge is the beautiful lake in Whitehorse, Canada that is situated north of Whitehorse; Lake Laberge is a widening of the Yukon River. Lake Laberge presents wonderful site views to the visitors with thrilling activities along its shores. Lake Laberge is mentioned in the poetry because of its spell bounding natural beauty as Poet Robert Service wrote a poem “the Cremation of Sam McGee.” Read More

Schwatka Lake

With the construction of the Whitehorse Dam, Schwatka Lake was created in the 1950s. Schwatka Lake is very marvelous site as thousands of enthusiast come here to enjoy its beauty and activities. Read More

Alpine Aviation

Alpine Aviation offers year-round access to the Yukon wilderness on wheels, floats and skis and provides wonderful experience of diverse activities to its visitors. Read More