The MacBride Museum

The MacBride Museum feels proud for owning the preservation of heritage of the Yukon Historical art and culture. The MacBride Museum is as big as it is spread over half a city block that consists four galleries, open air exhibits and a gift shop. Read More

Copperbelt Railway & Mining Museum

Copperbelt Railway & Mining Museum presents the opportunity to experience an interpretive learning of Whitehorse and Yukon mining and rail history.Copperbelt Railway & Mining Museum is located on the Alaska Highway, two kilometres north of Two Mile Hill, near Whitehorse. Read More

The Yukon Transportation Museum

The Yukon Transportation Museum exhibits the history of the Yukon's transportation and develops the information of the visitors about the history of the Yukon's transportation. Read More

Yukon Arts Centre

Yukon Arts Centre intends to promote and culture in Whitehorse and has been constructed to dedicate to the development and promotion of the territories' arts and artists. Read More

Old Log Church Museum

Old Log Church Museum is the historical site that demonstrates ancient times and ages’ life culture and art that takes very back to the visitors. Old Log Church Museum demonstrates life of Aboriginal people, early exploration, gold rush, whaling, missionaries, children's toys, and music in the church. Read More