Whitehorse Fishway

Whitehorse Fishway is very amazing place that located at Yukon River Dam, Whitehorse, YT Canada and frequently visited by the tourist from all over the world and Canada. The very strange and wonderful attraction to see at Whitehorse Fishway is The longest wooden fish ladder in the world that is presented at exhibition for visitors to enjoy the miracle of world. Read More

Fish Lake Road

Fish Lake Road is located at the intersection of Fish Lake Road and Copper Haul Road with interpretive signs.Visitors may enjoy the climbing of the Fish Lake Road and have fun in the sub-alpine valley and scenery. Read More

Prospectors' Statue

Prospectors' Statue was erected on the corner of Main Street and Third Avenue during the Mines Ministers' Conference held in Whitehorse in September, 1992. Prospectors' Statue is the three-meter-tall. Read More

Log Skyscrapers

Log Skyscrapers is located in downtown Whitehorse, Yukon that is a popular Whitehorse landmark. Log Skyscrapers provides its services for year around. Log Skyscrapers is visited by thousands of people from all over the Canada and world because of its amazing beauty. Read More

Yukon Archives

Yukon Archives provides information about living in the Yukon as its all exhibitions that contain old photographs, handwritten letters, diaries, newspapers and other artifacts. Services that are presented by Yukon Archives include research rooms, photocopying and photograph reproduction. Read More