Paddling Northern Frontier

In Northwest Territories, Canada, Northern Frontier is the wonderful place in the world to enjoy a canoe. Northern Frontier is naturally beautiful place for tourism with richest site views, hundreds of lakes and myriad waterways. Things to do: Paddle boating - Day trips - Picnic point - A month long expedition - Enjoy canoe Read More

Tibbitt Lake Loop

Tibbitt Lake Loop is the tremendous place for camping for 4 or 5 days where millions of people from all worlds comes and enjoy the wonderful experience in the Yellowknife. Tibbitt Lake Loop is at the end of the Ingraham Trail, 65 km from Yellowknife. Things to do: Camping - Day trips - Enjoy wilderness scenery Read More

Frame Lake Trail

In the Yellowknife, Frame Lake Trail is famous for well maintained paved walkways and bike routes that are surrounded by scenic lakes, climb cliffs, and connect the Bristol monument, Lakeview cemetery and Jackfish Lake with Frame Lake and downtown. Things to do: Biking - Walking - Circle Frame Lake clockwise Read More

Hidden Lake

Hidden Lake is 40 km from Yellowknife on the Ingraham Trail with scenic lakes in the Yellowknife area. In Hidden Lake visitors may enjoy as Canoeists follow the Cameron River, portaging around several scenic waterfalls, to Powder Point. Things to do: 3 day trips - Canoeing - View seeing Read More

The Yellowknife River Bridge: Fishing

The Yellowknife River Bridge is on the Ingraham Trail where visitors can enjoy the fishing by their own. The Yellowknife River Bridge is famous for picnic site with variety of songbirds and perhaps a bald eagle nesting beside the river. Things to do: Boating - Day trips - Fishing - Camping Read More