Caribou Carnival Festival

Caribou Carnival is festival that brings end to winter in Yellowknife and held the last weekend of March each year. Caribou Carnival festival is an even in Yellowknife that is full of entertainment, fun and enjoyment. Thousands of people from all over the world and Canada come to participate in Caribou Carnival festival. Caribou Carnival festival presents diverse activities for the visitors such as Read More

Folk on the Rocks Festival

Folk on the Rocks Festival is an even celebrated in Canada that is held for two days in second weekend of July. Folk on the Rocks Festival is Canada's top summertime music and cultural festivals that attracts thousands of musicians from all over the Canada and world. Folk on the Rocks Festival’s include a children's area, cultural area, and beer garden promises Read More

Canadian Championship Dog Derby

Canadian Championship Dog Derby is 150-mile race run on Great Slave Lake ice that is held at the end of March that lasts for three days. Canadian Championship Dog Derby has been arranged since 1955 which is now featuring mushers from around the world, custom bred dogs and high-tech sleds. Canadian Championship Dog Derby is renowned as part of the World Cup of dog sled racing and millions Read More

Longest Day of the Year - Raven Mad Daze

Longest Day of the Year - Raven Mad Daze is celebrated at 21 June that is considered the longest day of the year with Yellowknife's Raven Mad Daze. At the event of Raven Mad Daze/Summer Solstice, roads get close to traffic as thousands party in the streets and stay up late with the sun. Raven Mad Daze/Summer Solstice is celebrated annually and visitors enjoy the activities such as Inuit and Dene singers Read More

Snow King Winter Festival

Snow King Winter Festival has been celebrated for the past nine years in Yellowknife, Canada. Snow King Winter Festival attracts visitors from all over the world and Yellowknife, Canada toward its magical palace. Snowking, Anthony Foliot has constructed his castle that is amazing, icy construction which is dedicated to the residence of Read More