Serpentine Fen - The Serpentine Wildlife Area

Serpentine Fen - The Serpentine Wildlife Area is located in one of Canada's most densely populated wintering areas for waterfowl, raptors and shorebirds.Many birds shelter in the Fen in September and October where there is open water and a good natural food supply. Read More

Surrey Arts Centre

Surrey Arts Centre is located in beautiful Bear Creek Park with the facilities parking and wheelchair accessibility.Surrey Arts Centre intends to Explore and experience the visual and performing arts in stunning surroundings. Read More

Surrey Art Gallery

Surrey Art Gallery was established since 1975 that focuses art made which is a major public art museum in the Surrey.Visitors have opportunity to learn about and experience contemporary art using new Medias such as computers and video. Read More

Fraser Downs Racetrack & Casino

In the Greater Vancouver Region, the Fraser Downs Racetrack & Casino is wonderful site to visit who are attracted from all over the world and Canada. Read More

The Peace Arch

The Peace Arch is unique in BC's system of provincial parks that is located on the Canada and U.S. Border.The Peace Arch was established in 1921 with its beautiful lawns, gardens and attractive structure in the world. Read More