Grand Trunk Fitness and Leisure Centre

One of the best thing to do in Edmonton is to have recreation and fitness time spent at Grand Trunk. Grand Trunk is a very famous Edmonton fitness and recreation centre which attracts people of all ages. The upper lounge with the kitchen facility is used for special events. Grand trunk has a fitness centre and a swimming pool for people to swim and enjoy. Read More

Public Skating

Edmonton arenas are providing its residents the facility of free public skating all year round and during holidays and all these activities are supervised by Ice marshals. Helmets are recommended, no sticks or pucks allowed and maximum 100 skaters can enjoy skating at one time. In summers the public skating schedule changes because people need the hall for conferences and concerts. Public skating is sponsored by City of Edmonton and Kinsmen Club of Edmonton. Read More

Snowshoeing in Edmonton

Explore the beautiful Edmonton winter wonderland on snowshoes. Snowshoeing has been a famous and traditional way of transportation for Canadian living in high snowy areas. It is one of the most efficient way of traveling on deep snow. Snowshoeing is used in many ways like for transportation, bird and wildlife viewing and also for exercise. Good snowshoeing locations are: Read More


Skateparks are absolutely free for the residents of Edmonton and visitors. Skateparks are available for skating from May till August. Skateparks are open to any skateboarders, BMX riders, mountain bikers, and inline skaters. Motorized vehicles and scooters are not permitted. Always wear helmet, pads and gloves to avoid injuries during skating. Small Skateparks are opening July and August. Read More

Cross-Country Skiing

Cross country skiing is very famous in Edmonton because of its expansive river valley and parks system. The ski trails are constantly groomed by Edmonton administration and they follow a very strict procedure to make these places less hazardous for people visiting Edmonton for the sake of cross country skiing. Read More

City Arts Centre

The City Art Centre is a great place for people who loves arts and culture. The City Arts Centre provide facilities like visual and performing arts, dance, crafts, hobbies like pottery and silver smiting, health and fitness, cooking, writing and more. The welcoming atmosphere of the Arts centre is a great place for adult, children’s, youth and families for the introductory level courses. Arts centre has a separate studios for pottery and silversmithing. Read More