John Janzen Nature Centre

John Janzen Nature Centre is a place to enjoy and have fun with the animals near you. Different kinds of events and programs are arranged for visitors to have knowledge of animals. John Janzen Nature Centre provides different kinds of facilities like Daycamps, Drop-in-programs, Group Programs, School Programs and Birthday Parties. Read More

Muttart Conservatory

Muttart Conservatory is one of the most famous and iconic structures featuring four pyramids. The four pyramids of the Muttart Conservatory are home to thousands of species of plants. Each pyramid maintains a distinct environment, representing different biomes of the world. Pyramids are open for guided tours on weekends only and tour lasts for 45 minutes and enjoy by people alot.  Four pyramids are tropical pyramid, arid pyramid, temperate pyramid and feature pyramid. Read More

Edmonton Valley Zoo

Edmonton Valley Zoo was built in 1959 with more than $50 million spent in construction. Located on the banks on North Saskatchewan River, Edmonton valley zoo is one of the most visited places in Edmonton and city council has recently approved a large amount of budget for its improvement. People from all ages of life come here and enjoys the time spent with animals. Read More

Heritage Amphitheatre

The Heritage Amphitheatre is a stunning outdoor venue in William Hawrelak Park. Established in 1986, The Heritage Amphitheatre is celebrating its 25 birthday in 2011. This is one of the greatest Amphitheatre in Canada of its own kind and is famous for some of the signature festivals of Edmonton such as the Freewill Shakespeare Festival, the Labatt Blues Festival, and Symphony Under the Sky. The Amphitheatre has a seating arrangement for more than 1100 people and every year about 50,000 people visit the Amphitheatre. Read More

Prince of Wales Armouries

The City of Edmonton Archives resides in the Prince of Wales Armouries Heritage Centre. The Archives is a public research facility housing civic government and private records documenting Edmonton's history. The Edmonton archive is written by professional historians, writers, artists, educators, students, media, genealogists, provincial and civic government employees, engineers, and environmentalists. The archive has more than 250,000 photographs, over 260 current and historical maps and civic government records. Read More

City Hall

City Hall is an Edmonton landmark, the home of our civic leadership, and a gathering place for the community. It is located in the heart of downtown Edmonton. City Hall is home to various events, activities and festivals. It is a meeting place for Edmontonians not for just political meetings. Read More