Marr Residence

The visitors who have interest in ancient constructions can visit the Marr Residence at 326 11th Street East, Saskatoon. Besides of its old age The Marr Residence is still on its original site. This two story frame house was used as a military hospital during the North-West Rebellion in 1885. It was one of several homes along 11th Street used as field hospitals for victims of the battle. In recent times, a Marr Residence Management Committee was formed to offer programs in the summers. Read More

Ebon Stables

The visitors who are interested in equestrian sports must see the ‘Ebon Stables’ in Saskatoon. One can find a large variety of horses in Ebon Stables some of the young horses are available for sale. Read More

Delta Bessborough Hotel

Delta Bessborough Hotel is one of the Saskatoon’s most eminent places to visit. The design of hotel’s building resembles a Bavarian castle. The hotel was built in the 1930s and the purpose behind its construction was to be a railway hotel, built by the CNR. Read More

Pacific Gallery

Visitors who have interest of art and culture must see the Pacific Gallery. The pacific gallery showcases painted works including oil, acrylic, watercolor, colored pencil, felted wool and hand-pulled prints. Regionally and nationally acclaimed show their talent through the Pacific Gallery. Read More

Victoria Bridge

Victoria Bridge is one of the Saskatoon’s most important landmarks. It is an old bridge, opened in 1907. Victoria Bridge crosses the South Saskatchewan River and connects the three communities that became present day Saskatoon. The bridge has become rusty due to age and so has been condemned. Read More