Artillery Park Heritage Site

Artillery Park Heritage Site is situated near Saint-Jean Gate in the very heart of Old Québec. Artillery Park Heritage Site demonstrates the importance that military presence had in forming the character of the city. Artillery Park Heritage Site is very astonishing place to visit as it reflects the importance of the history of the city. Read More

Cartier-Brébeuf National Historic Site of Canada

Cartier-Brébeuf National Historic Site of Canada is the remarkable place in Quebec city that is situated on the north bank of Rivière Saint-Charles. At Cartier-Brébeuf National Historic Site of Canada various activities are held that recalls the merger of the European and Amerindian cultures. The visitors feel them back to the very beginnings of the colony after visiting on Cartier’s voyages Read More

Battlefields Park

Battlefields Park is the finest park to visit with the Plains of Abraham that are recognized as one of the world’s largest and most prestigious urban parks. Thousands of visitors come to the Battlefields Park to relax, play sports, and take in free summer shows at the Edwin-Bélanger bandstand. Large events are held in Battlefields Park such as Carnaval de Québec and St. Read More

Marais du Nord: Home of Birds

Marais du Nord is situated at the north of Lac Saint-Charles, Marais du Nord. Marais du Nord is considered the home of birds because almost 160 species of birds are found here. Marais du Nord is also known as a bird and nature lovers’ paradise where visitors can enjoy the activity of hiking. Marais du Nord remains open the year around for visitors and offers a unique outdoor experience. Read More

Aquarium du Quebec

Aquarium du Québec is the remarkable place to visit in the heart of Canada Quebec city.  Aquarium du Québec is the only site that provides facility of Aquarium that is preads out over 16 hectares. Aquarium du Québec is designed in a way that make visitor travel in the heart of the St. Lawrence and other Canadian marine ecosystems to discover the plants and animals of the North. Read More