Tour de Beauce: Bicycle Race

Bicycle Race is an annual event which is held in June for the past 23 years that is organized by the Grand Prix cycliste de Beauce. Bicycle Race is arranged to promote sports in Canada that I sc considered a healthy activity. A group of cycling enthusiasts in the Beauce region took initiative for Bicycle Race and now participated by a lot of bicyclists. Read More

The Quebec Air Show

The Québec air show is the wonderful and very colorful demonstration of air tricks arranged by air show management. The Québec air show is annual festival that is held in June and hundreds of thousands of spectators come and enjoy the magical air show in The Québec of Canada. Many types of aircraft have been in used by the Team since 1947 by The Thunderbirds. Read More

Festival Grand Rire de Quebec

Festival Grand Rire de Québec is an event that is considered as Laughs for All or THE place for laughs. From indoor shows to outdoor events are conducted at Agora du Vieux-Port de Québec and comedy numbers in the historic Petit-Champlain district for the visitors at multiple dates. The festival pass offers incomparable value, providing access to many shows. Read More

Carnival de Québec (Winter Festival)

The first large winter Carnival in Québec City, the world's snow capital, first time held in 1894. Carnival de Québec is third on the List of Top Carnivals after the famous carnivals in Rio and New Orleans. Carnival de Québec is held in January and February. Carnival de Québec includes more popular activities such as winter sports, snow sculptures, and activities based on the traditional Read More

Envol et Macadam Festival

Envol et Macadam Festival is an urban festival that offers outdoor concerts and live indoor shows in downtown Quebec City venues since 1996. Envol et Macadam Festival is the Quebec’s first alternative music festival that is annually held in September. In the Envol et Macadam Festival more than 100 local and international musical bands participate each year. Read More