Locke Street Festival

Locke Street Festival is annual event celebrated at Locke Street South Hamilton that presents full fun with the whole family.Thousands of visitors come to the event and Walk the Locke between Hunter and Herkimer Streets and enjoy one of Hamilton's best kept secrets. Read More

Food & Drink Fest...the Festival with Taste!

Food & Drink Fest is celebrated as a very simple event of eating, drinking and music in very good atmosphere.Food & Drink Fest offers great restaurants, wineries, Craft brewers, nightclubs, live theatre, entertainers, natural wonders and sporting events of every kind. Read More

Treasureventure Adventure Festival

Treasureventure Adventure Festival is the intrepid adventure for all the participants of all ages young and old.Treasureventure Adventure Festival is about Six acres of heart-pounding, mind-blowing, non-stop, indoor & outdoor adventure that attracts so many visitors from all over the world and Canada. Read More

Hamilton Waterfront Wingfest

Hamilton Waterfront Wingfest is the wonderful event that is celebrated in Hamilton and thousands of visitors from all over the Canada and world come to attend it and enjoy the fun of it.Visitors can enjoy by putting their taste buds to the test at Hamilton's Waterfront Wingfest. Read More

Canadian Aboriginal Festival

Canadian Aboriginal Festival The largest multi-discipline Aboriginal arts event that is celebrated in North America at Nov 25 to Nov 27. this festival offers festivities and entertainment for all ages. Read More