St. Dunstan's Basilica

St. Dunstan's Basilica is a beautiful church that is built in the gothic style and is considered the main parish in the Diocese of Charlottetown. St. Dunstan's Basilica is rebuilt because it caught fire and it was established first time in the late 1800s. St. Dunstan's Basilica is beautiful as its interior is unique and worth seeing with a lovely little adoration chapel near the basement. Read More

Walker Studios: Art Galleries

Walker Studios is considered a unique blend of fine art and jewelry with the wonderful the museum/studio of artisans, Jeanette and Lindsay Walker. Walker Studios uses ancient methods of sand-casting, repousse, engraving and granulation. Visitors can easily excess here to the artist where they can ask Read More

Cabot Beach Provincial Park

Cabot Beach Provincial Park is the beautiful place to visit in the western PEI that is wonderful place for activities and recreation. There is a large beautiful day-use area in the Cabot Beach Provincial Park with playground equipment, an activity centre with children's programs and a naturalist on staff who provides guided nature walks. Visitors can enjoy Read More

Kings Castle Provincial Park

Kings Castle Provincial Park is opened from June 6 - September 11 that is situated in Gladstone, on Route 348, 3 km east of Murray River. Kings Castle Provincial Park is considered one of the best parks for day trips and is a magical place displaying a family of favorite storybook characters in statue form. In the Kings Castle Provincial Park visitors enjoy a lot of activities such as Read More

Red Point Provincial Park

Red Point Provincial Park is located approximately 10 minutes from Souris that is very popular among the people for family day trips. Gas, food, restaurants, a hospital, hotels, exercise facilities, a liquor store, souvenir shops, a tourist information centre and the terminal for the Magdalen Island ferry service are easily available in Red Point Provincial Park. Supervised swimming Read More