The Beaverbrook Art Gallery

Lord Beaverbrook (Sir Max Aitken) presents a gift of The Beaverbrook Art Gallery to the people of New Brunswick. The Beaverbrook Art Gallery demonstrates the master piece of work by the Canadian and British artists and a unique and wonderful works from international artists. The Beaverbrook Art Gallery owns very mixed collection of work such as its own collection as well Read More

Adventurous Education Learning Program

Adventurous education learning program offers summer program for five day in a week and with shorter weekend workshops. Adventurous education learning program continues from July 4 to August 14. Adventurous education learning program intends to provide an exceptional learning experience from top-quality, experienced instructors in a refreshing, easy-going atmosphere to the learners. Read More

The Historic Garrison District

The Historic Garrison District is the National Historic Site of Fredericton Canada that is a centre for heritage, culture, craft and entertainment. The Historic Garrison District presents a beautiful mixture and combination of wonderful talent such as musicians, artists and historic re-enactments. A variety of attractions and activities in the Historic Garrison District is a big attraction for the visitors such as the Changing of the Guard, tours Read More

City Hall & Bicentennial Tapestries

City Hall & Bicentennial Tapestries is the one of the marvelous historical site. 28 City Hall & Bicentennial Tapestries exhibits colorful, hand woven tapestries depicting the history of Fredericton. Fifteen downtown galleries and studios are busy preparing for the sixth annual Culture Crawl series. City Hall & Bicentennial Tapestries presents different and multiple activities to the visitors. Read More

Black Box Theatre

Black Box Theatre has been contributing since the 1960s and has been entertaining audiences and visitors. Black Box Theatre is designed at the traditions of Chatam New Brunswick at St. Thoams University's original home. Black Box Theatre is famous for its quality and dynamic productions that attracts students and learners both on and off campus. Read More