Beacon Hill Children's Farm

Enjoy visiting Beacon Hill Children's Farm from February 25 to October 10 and see different kinds of miniature goats, tropical birds and potbellied pigs. This farmhouse is a must see place for people of all ages to see the beautiful animals closely and personally. The most famous event at this farm is the Goat Stampede which held at opening and closing times. Read More

Butchart Gardens

The Butchart Gardens have become the national historic site of Victoria. The garden has a total area of 55 acres and provides its visitors the beautiful view of nature and winter blooming shrubs and fresh delights of the summer. Although this site is family owned but they still have commitment to horticulture and hospitality to this day. Gardens remain open through out the year. Read More

Miniature World

Miniature World is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Victoria. This place has all big ting sin small size like World Smallest Operational Sawmill which is entertaining its visitors from 11 years. Other famous miniature wonders are Great Canadian Railway, Canada National Wonder, World’s largest Model Railway, Fantasy Land, the Field of Glory and Frontier Land. This palce remains open through out the year except of 25th December Christmas Day. Read More

National Geographic IMAX Theatre

Visit the National Geographic IMAX Theatre and feel to be on the top of Mount Everest, diving on a coral reef, inches away from grizzly bears, etc. This famous 400 seat theater provides you a lifetime fun with its 2D IMAX Experience. The theatre has an area consisting of 6 stories height and 70 feet wide and a view screen 10 times bigger than the normal theatre screen. The theatre remains opens all day except on Christmas Day. Read More

Royal British Columbia Museum

The Royal British Columbia Museum is famous among visitors for its authentic artifacts and specimens which are displayed in such a realistic way to give the depiction of another world. Famous artifacts displayed in the museum are Woolly Mammoth, lush Pacific Rainforest, coastal dioramas, Submarine, aquarium, Old Town and Totem Poles. The museum opens from 10am to 5pm from June 3 to September 5. Read More

The Victoria Bug Zoo

This Zoo provides its visitors the experience of seeing closely the multi-legged creatures from around the world in a safe and fun friendly atmosphere. This place is very famous among animal lovers and persons who are doing their study related to animals. Address: 631 Courtney Street, Victoria, BC, CANADA Read More

All Fun Recreation Park

The All Fun Recreation Park is located on 10 km North of Victoria and the park provides over 25 sites featuring showers, laundromat, sani-station, propane & firewood. The park remains opens from 7am to 2pm throughout the year except bad weather days. Other facilities include minigolf, go-krats, auto race track and a new family style ice-cream parlour. Read More