May Day

May Day is very famous event in Coquitlam that is celebrated for one week in the month on May every year.May Day has been organized since 1923 in the City of Port Coquitlam which has become very popular among the visitors who come to attend the event from all over the world and Canada. Read More

Rivers and Trails Festival

Rivers and Trails Festival is celebrated every year at the last Sunday of September which starts at Hyde Creek Centre at 8:00am with the Trail River Run. Read More

Pink Shirt Anti-Bullying Day

Pink Shirt Anti-Bullying Day is organized in February which is considered a stand against bullying by taking part in Pink Shirt Day.Everyone who takes part in the Pink Shirt Anti-Bullying Day wear something pink to symbolize that we as a society will not tolerate bullying anywhere. Read More

Hyde Creek Salmon Festival

Hyde Creek Salmon Festival is very famous event in Canada that is celebrated in 2nd Sunday of November each year. Read More

Spirit of Port Coquitlam Celebration

Spirit of Port Coquitlam Celebration is organized in February that keep continue for the whole one week every year.Spirit of Port Coquitlam Celebration has been celebrated since 2007 that was started to build excitement for the 2010 Winter Games. Read More