Ontario’s election is around the corner: Do you know who is rallying for restaurants?

Toronto, May 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Ontario election has been called for June 2, 2022. The election is an important opportunity for the foodservice industry to seek out pandemic recovery support for the betterment of the industry as a whole. After two years of pandemic lockdowns leaving eight out of 10 restaurants in debt due to COVID-19, Restaurants Canada calls on Ontarians to strongly consider provincial economic recovery when heading to the polls next week. 

Each party has released its full platform, outlining each of the principal goals the parties stand behind. “It’s incredibly important for Ontarians to do their own research when considering who to vote for. Taking into consideration how each party supports pandemic recovery for restaurants and other small businesses through grants, regulatory reforms, reduced third-party delivery fees, wholesale pricing for beer and other forms of support will ensure these businesses can continue to play an integral role in the economic and social fabric of communities across our province” said Restaurants Canada, Vice President of Central Canada, James Rilett.

The details of each party’s platform can be found on their official campaign websites, with each having made small businesses and economic development a priority with their proposed policies.

In preparation for the Ontario election, Restaurants Canada has brought forth the necessary provincial policies the foodservice industry would like to see from the incoming government, these include:

  1. Continued pandemic support for the industry through the recovery period.
  2. Access to funded training for the growth and development foodservice workers.
  3. An expanded Ontario Immigration Nominee Program to provide foreign workers with more access to Canadian foodservice jobs.
  4. A commitment to industry participation in future negotiations of the Master Framework Agreement between the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) and Beer Store.
  5. Public promotion of restaurants as a safe outlet for Ontarians and visitors. 
  6. Investment in a marketing campaign, or inclusion in existing campaigns aimed at attracting visitors to Ontario restaurants and encouraging support for local restaurants and food vendors.
  7. Amendment of the Extended Producer Responsibility regulations to ensure fairness for the foodservice operators.
  8. A cap on third-party delivery app fees to keep profits in restaurants.
  9. Converting deferred pandemic payments to grants to lessen the debt accrued by restaurants during the rolling lockdowns.

Restaurant operators are encouraged to talk to their local candidates about how they can support the recovery of the restaurant industry.

Consult Restaurants Canada’s Ontario election hub for details on how to vote, finding your electoral district and where to find each opposing party’s platform.

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