Canadian Propane Association urges federal and provincial governments to act immediately

OTTAWA, Feb. 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Canadian Propane Association urges the federal and provincial governments to take whatever action is necessary to ensure that rail transportation of propane and all other essential goods is not interrupted.It is critical that action is taken immediately to lift all blockades – many of them unlawful.“Rail transportation is extremely important for the propane industry and for Canadians who depend on propane for their homes, businesses, farms and fleets every day,” said CPA President & CEO Nathalie St-Pierre.Thousands of Canadians use propane as a main fuel to heat their homes, many industries and businesses rely on propane for their operations – be they commercial or institutional, farmers use it in their operations such as keeping livestock warm in barns, and it is used as a transportation fuel for many services, including police vehicles, school buses and taxis across the country.Propane supplies as a result of the blockades varies but clearly, in Central and Eastern Canada, the situation is getting critical.According to a 2018 Conference Board report, approximately 60 per cent of all the households in Canada that use propane as a main heating fuel are in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada, all of which are affected by the blockades.While contingency plans are in place and the propane industry is implementing alternative transportation methods such as trucking, these plans will not be able to address the losses caused as a result of the blockades. If the issue is not resolved immediately, there will be serious repercussions.About the Canadian Propane Association
With over 400 members, the Canadian Propane Association (CPA) is the national association for a growing, multi-billion-dollar industry that impacts the livelihood of tens of thousands of Canadians. Our mission is to promote a safe and thriving propane industry that plays a vital role in Canada’s energy sector. To achieve this, we champion propane and the propane industry in Canada and facilitate best practices, safety and a favourable business environment through advocacy, training and emergency response.
For further information, contact: Tammy Hirsch, Sr. Director, Communications and Marketing at or 587-349-5876.
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