Vancouver on the shores on the Pacific Ocean: Whale Watching

The shores on the Pacific Ocean present a wonderful scene of watching great pods of Orcas, gray whales and humpbacks playing in the water. Visitors can visit to downtown Vancouver and take a tour to Victoria on Vancouver Island by boat. Read More


Whistler/Blackcomb is considered a luxurious slice of paradise and wonderful attraction in British Columbia for the visitors from all over the world. Whistler/Blackcomb is ideal site for hiking and relaxing where visitors come and stay for so many days to experience its entertaining activities. Read More

The Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is located between Vancouver Island and landlocked British Columbia that is considered the best things about British Columbia. The Sunshine Coast is famous for extensive ferry system, with dozens of routes running along the inside coast. Read More

Stanley Park

Stanley Park is wonderful, beautiful and a glorious natural site to visit in Vancouver that is spread 1,000-acre with criss-crossed trails. Stanley Park is located on the western edge of downtown Vancouver along with the famous Seawall and offer thrilling activities. Read More

The North Shore

Visiting The North Shore is very exciting activity itself and full of fun journey for the enthusiast from all over the world. The Capilano Suspension Bridge is the biggest attractions while traveling The North Shore that is spans the canyon of the Capilano River, at a breathtaking 230 feet above the water. Read More